Who We Treat

While the ultimate goal is to treat the child and adolescent, the best means to help them is by guiding the parents and other family members, because an anxious child affects the whole family and often puts a strain on the parent’s relationship. Conflicts between parents about how to respond to their child are common. Often, at least one parent becomes overprotective, and one parent may become impatient. Siblings will likely be affected by the situation as well. But when everyone works together, a more balanced family life may be restored.

Parents learn Dr. Trainor’s positive approach, which engages them to work with their child to manage anxious feelings, recognize irrational anxiety, and stop harmful behaviors. The TRAINOR Method unites parents and children as a team, monitors their progress, and moves in a positive direction to reduce anxiety.

We meet with children and adolescents of all ages, including those on the autism spectrum, and apply a CBT family approach that usually involves parents in the treatment.

We also treat college students and adults individually who are struggling with anxiety disorders using the same basic cognitive behavioral therapy. Our approach is individually tailored based on each individual’s needs and may incorporate family members depending on the most effective mutually agreed upon approach.