Research Fellows Endowment Fund

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Kathleen B. Trainor Research Fellows

Department of Psychology

The College of Arts and Sciences has long been committed to furthering opportunities for undergraduate research because we know that students who have had hands-on experiences with exploration and knowledge creation perform better across their studies, attend prestigious graduate
programs at higher rates, and build constructive relationships that can lead to exciting and promising career opportunities. As enrollment in the Department of Psychology grows, it is crucial to ensure that more research opportunities are available to students. With the American Association of Colleges and Universities defining student research as a ”high-impact” activity that provides long-term benefits, we know that these strategic investments will enable Fairfield to raise the bar for our expectations and the standards by which we measure our success.

The Dr. Kathleen B. Trainor Research Fellows Endowment Fund for undergraduate research in the Department of Psychology will provide our students a research experience that may be the key to unlocking the pursuit of PhD’s, MD’s, MSW’s or other licensed programs following their Fairfield education. Specifically, the Fund will provide annual resources to add five more students to a research team with faculty direction and mentorship. And, given the endowed nature of the fund, it will provide this benefit to students year after year, expanding the opportunities and impact of this important University priority.

Mental illness, anxiety and depression, dementia, addiction, and diseases including Alzheimer’s represent a handful of important areas of study in the Department of Psychology. Alongside intensive instruction and focused classroom learning, the Dr. Kathleen B. Trainor Research Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in immersive research projects.