Sherri Michaud

Sherri Michaud, LICSW

Sherri Michaud, Clinical Social Worker, LICSW

Sherri focuses on bringing healing, connection, and growth into the lives of children, teens, and adults she serves. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker who provides strengths-based and trauma-informed therapy to individuals and families through a CBT model.

Sherri greatly values building a therapeutic alliance with her clients and creating a safe space to unearth, understand, and overcome barriers holding a client back from positive change and healing. This therapeutic journey includes a greater understanding of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and how they impact our relationships with ourselves, our families and friends, and the world around us. Sherri has served many individuals and families, including those experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, divergent ability (disability), stigma, low self-esteem, and injustice.

Sherri has provided support to individuals and families through some of their most difficult experiences including intense guilt, shame, the loss of a loved one, substance use, violence, and lack of safety. She has served as a social worker in multiple settings including neonatal and adult intensive care, pediatric and adult emergency, maternal-child, and therapeutic high school and middle school programs. Sherri completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Boston University. After working as a biologist and researcher, Sherri completed her master’s degree in Social Work at Simmons College with a certificate in Urban Leadership. Her graduate studies included child and adolescent trauma, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing.

In addition to supporting individuals and families, Sherri enjoys mindfulness, the ocean, nature walks, and creative work. She values lifelong learning.